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Rail Engineering Services

AllRail offers the full range of Rail Engineering Services required to design, build, maintain and operate a railroad. Whether it's a straightforward track inspection or the construction of a rail yard, we provide our customers with creative, cost effective solutions.

Our Engineering services include:

  1. Track inspections and maintenance plans including report of defects requiring immediate and longer term remediation. Recommendations for a 3-5 year maintenance plan with a proposed annual investment plan
  2. Yard and track design including geotechnical engineering, infrastructure planning and environmental assessment leading to construction of regular and specialty track work for railways, commuter services or industrial clients
  3. Detailed engineering
  4. Preparation of tender documents and track construction supervision for industrial customers and others wishing to add trackage at their facility. AllRail will prepare the tender documents including technical specifications and can also provide track construction supervision and quality control during the construction phase
  5. Bridge design, inspection and ratings including bridge testing program with inspection of underside as well as rating of bridges for weight capacity
  6. Track maintenance standards and practices
  7. Project management and construction services
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Rail Engineering Services
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