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Rail Operations

AllRail's Comprehensive 3rd party Industrial Rail Switching

In providing Industrial Rail services to customers, AllRail's objective is to provide a worry free service to its customers and allow them to focus on their core business. Depending on the services required, we can provide a basic industrial rail service comprising of fully trained manpower and locomotives. Customers can also choose other services from our suite of products like car tracking software to better track the location of rail cars inside the plant and help reduce demurrage charges. We can also provide light track maintenance like adjusting and lubricating switches or light car maintenance. If the customer chooses services in addition to switching, employees would be cross trained to make better use of their time.

AllRail's suite of products for this service includes:

  1. Rail car switching
  2. Light track maintenance
  3. Light car maintenance
  4. In plant car tracking software
  5. Car loading/unloading
  6. Car cleaning

For greenfield sites or expansion of rail infrastructure, we can provide railway engineers to review the proposed operation, design a high level yard layout, followed by detailed engineering once the layout is approved by the customer. We can then work with the customer to finalize the tender documents and supervise the construction work to ensure it fully meets the customer's specifications and requirements.


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