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Transportation and Capacity Planning

In today's changing world of globalization and increasing fuel costs, the rail map is changing. Railroads and industries are constantly looking at ways of reducing their transportation costs and maximizing the use of their assets. AllRail offers the necessary expertise that will help you better plan your capital projects while minimizing investment costs. Our Railroad Planning team works with you to help maximize the use of your existing infrastructure while minimizing your capital investment.

So whether you're a Class 1 Railroad, a mining operation, passenger rail service, or an industry, AllRail can help improve your rail operations.

Our services include:

  1. Operations review and efficiency improvements (optimization studies)
  2. Recommending best use of existing capacity including practical steps to increase capacity
  3. Plant expansions to handle more rail cars at your location
  • New or expanded rail facilities to handle increased storage, receiving or departing traffic
  • Interface between rail and truck for transloading
  • In-plant Rail optimization
  1. Yard/track layouts
  2. Computer simulations of your rail operation
  3. Accident/incident investigation with root cause analysis and recommended improvements
  4. Safety Audits where we'll review your operations and train handling, equipment, infrastructure to ensure safe operating practices and recommend changes to meet or exceed industry safety standards
  5. Transportation Economics - costing studies and rail evaluation enabling shippers and the serving railway to agree on an equitable shipping rate
  6. Expert witness for Rail related litigation - provide the necessary expertise be it for operations, mechanical or track engineering in litigation cases

With AllRail's comprehensive suite of services, we can take the project from conception to implementation be it an improved operating plan or a plant expansion.

Transportation and Capacity Planning
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